Gallagher Student Center

History of GSC

GSC Directors

Chris Marshall (2016-2021)

“When I think of what directing the Gallagher Student Center meant to me, I reflect on what I felt my purpose or my “why” was while in the role: to foster a sense of community and belonging by creating a welcoming and inviting facility for people to share space and be who they are. Seeing that come to life made me excited to walk in the building every morning, hesitant to leave it, and validated my vocation as a student center director.”

Joe Christman (2009-2015)

“The Gallagher Student Center will always have a special place in my heart. My wife and I moved to Cincinnati in 2009 so that she could work on her PhD at Miami University. That’s when I got the job at Xavier. I was honored that they chose me to run this beautiful building that was really the center of campus. As my wife and I got settled in our new home and in Cincinnati, I also found a new home in the Gallagher Student Center and with the Xavier Community. Student Centers are special places because they provide a home away from home for students. My goal in running the GSC was always to make it the most welcoming and most comfortable place on campus for all students and I hope that is what I was able to accomplish.”

Jim Miller (2002-2008)

Jim Miller had been with Xavier since 1983, when he worked as a graduate assistant in the Student Development Office. He would go on to become the director of the GSC and was also an adviser to the Student Senate. Friends, co-workers, and students at the GSC remembered him fondly for his dry sense of humor and genuine care and inspiration for all. Jim was a true friend and mentor to everyone. -From Newswire, University Archives


Student Unions of Xavier University's Campus

1919: Union Building

The Union Building was built in 1898 as the clubhouse for the Avondale Athletic Association. In 1919, the college moved to the current campus and the Old Red Building (Union Building) became one of the first buildings on campus. It served as the first classroom building and student activity center. After Edgecliff and Hinkle halls were built, the Union Building became the cafeteria and activities center, serving as the student union of campus. It was demolished around 1966.


1947: South Hall

To accommodate the influx of servicemen on the G.I. Bill in the fall of 1946, Xavier University constructed two military barracks on campus, North and South Hall. Most of the barracks were used to house students. As student enrollment increased from returning veterans of World War II, South Hall opened up for student use. South Hall was used as a student lounge until 1965. It stood at the entrance to University Drive and was demolished in 1981.


1965: University Center

University Center was the first major student union for Xavier University. University Center had a dining room and grill, theatre, meeting rooms, a bookstore, activities offices, recreation areas, and administrative offices. The top floor of the building had a meeting room named the Board Room as it served as the primary location for the Board of Trustees sessions. The University Center was demolished in 2000.


2002: Gallagher Student Center