Integral Ecology & Sustainability

Brueggeman Center


The Brueggeman Center promotes the belief that the solutions to our problems can only be reached through dialogue. Dialogue encourages cooperation between individuals and groups, clarifies confusion and misunderstandings, and develops ideas that may never have been realized otherwise. It is through dialogue that the Brueggeman Center bridges the gap between people who may feel separated by religion, politics, or even physical location.

The Brueggeman Center recognizes the importance of sustainability in our modern world. The Brueggeman Center has welcomed highly respected speakers on environmental issues to Xavier's campus, including established attorney and professor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and physicist, author, and environmental activist from India Vandana Shiva.

chris_larue_2023a-1.jpg Additionally, the Brueggeman Center for Dialogue has various programs meant to address the issues of human rights; interfaith dialogue and engagement; politics, foreign policy and civil society; globalization; gender and diversity; and the engagement of Xavier students with the world around us through funded research trips across the globe.

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