Integral Ecology & Sustainability

Xavier Student Sustainability


Xavier Student Sustainability (XSS) is a student program that was founded in the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice, but has transformed into a student club. We serve to promote sustainability and uphold sustainable initiatives within the Xavier community and greater Cincinnati area, foster an environment where students can explore and learn about sustainable topics and practices, and engage in discussion with other students interested in sustainability. Membership is open to all Xavier students!

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What We Do

  • Coordinate campus programs
    • Participating in Meatless Monday meals with the CFJ
    • Sustainability Fest on Earth Day
    • Field trips
    • Composting bin rentals
    • Organize monthly sustainability campaigns
  • Host bi-weekly meetings with both educational and activity components
  • Volunteer at service events rooted in sustainability with local organizations
  • Actively participate in sustainability initiatives on campus including the NEXUS Community Garden and Urban Farm

About the Board

  • The Board promotes environmental sustainability on Xavier's campus through educational and action-oriented events open to the general student population.
  • The XSS Board collaborates with the Laudato Si Initiative.

XSS Board Member list for 2023-2024

  • Ella O'Maley (co-chair)
  • Abigail Myers (co-chair)
  • Luke Bernsen
  • Lauren Verkamp
  • Jill Zoodsma
  • Jenna Millecker
  • Cora Bidwell
  • Clare Wangard
  • Andrew Fan
  • Ainsley Pierce

Roles and responsibilities of XSS Board members

  • Attend weekly XSS Board meetings
  • Attend and facilitate bi-weekly XSS meetings (open to all students)
  • Attend and actively support XSS sponsored events
  • Coordinate one XSS program initiative