Faculty Development

Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee consists of five tenured or tenure-track members of the faculty representing all four colleges. Each committee member is elected and serves a three-year appointment.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the following are members of the Faculty Development Committee:

Dr. Leah Dunn (CPS) (f-e-22,3)
Dr. Marco Fatuzzo (CAS) (f-e-22,3)
Dr. Miranda Knapp (Nursing) (f-e-23,3)
Dr. Edward Kosack (WCB) (f-e-22, 2) Chair
Dr. Hema Krishnan (MGMT/ENTR) (f-e-23,3)
Dr. Gary Lewandowski, Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives (x)

Responsibilities of the Faculty Development Committee