Economics, Sustainability and Society (B.A.)

Study Abroad Opportunities

Why study off campus?

Studying in a different environment whether abroad or somewhere else in the US provides a unique experience for every student. It provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world we live in. Sustainability is a very global field. The challenges of sustainability will vary from place to place so it is useful to engage with other cultures and people. Sustainability majors in particular can develop a more globalized perspective and approach which can help to shape their future endeavors.

There are many options for Xavier students to learn outside the classroom and away from campus. Whether you want to be gone for the semester, the summer or the week and if you aren't sure about leaving the country, there is an option for you too!

Opportunities for Sustainability Students

Semester long:


Short Term:


In Country:

Xavier Expeditions

Alternative Breaks

If there is somewhere else you have always wanted to go and learn about, talk to your advisor and the Center for International Education to make it happen! You can also apply to create your own international research experience anywhere in the world as a Winter-Cohen Brueggeman Fellow.

Whether you know you want to study abroad or just want more information, Xavier's Center for International Education can help you on your journey.