The Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue at Xavier University is dedicated to providing space and opportunity for dialogue about the critical issues of our age. It is founded upon the belief that the paths that lead to solutions to our most serious problems will emerge out of dialogue. Interreligious dialogue remains the distinguishing characteristic and integrating factor but in order to truly address the critical issues, the conversation must also include the other academic disciplines, representatives from the business community, government and civic society.

The work of the center includes conferences, research and publications, and interfaith and inter-religious activities as well as exploring new forms of collaborative engagement on issues of religious, social and cultural diversity, social and economic justice, ecological sustainability, and local and global responsibility.

The 2018-2019 Winter-Cohen Family/Brueggeman Fellows Have Been Chosen

Hannah Cariati, Class of 2020, PPP/Philosophy, Politics and the Public, International Studies Major

Gender Equality in the Middle East, Immersion/Research Trip: Egypt

Rhea Elcock, Class of 2020, Mathematics Major

How the Language of Mathematics Is Taught in Other Countries

Immersion/Research Trip: Japan, Singapore

Brianna Ledsome, Class of 2019, PPP/Philosophy, Politics and the Public, Peace and Justice Studies, Gender and Diversity Studies Major

What Does Development of a Historically Impoverished Nation Look Like in the Age of Globalization: A Look At Poverty in Moroccan Cities

Immersion/Research Trip: Morocco

Msendoo Victoria Mbachilin, Class of 2019, Health Services Administration, Concentration in Long Term Care Major

Preventative Care in Underdeveloped Communities, Immersion/Research Trip: Nigeria

Nathan Mosley, Graduate Class of 2019, Private Interest and Public Good Major

The Impact of Categories and Euro-centrism on Migrant Populations in Morocco, Immersion/Research Trip: Morocco

Anjali Nelson, Class of 2020, Chemical Science Major

The Effects of Contaminated Water on Public Health and Community

Immersion/Research Trip: Flint, Michigan, Puerto Rico

Michael Liam Smith, Class of 2020, ECOS, Economics, Environmental Studies Major

Economic Transition: State Security, Stability & Geo-Politics

Immersion/Research Trip: Brussels, Prague

Wes Wattenberger, Graduate, Psychology Major

Reciprocal Empowerment in Humanitarian Aid, Immersion/Research Trip: Myanmar, Philippines




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