Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Identity and Advocacy Groups

Identity and Advocacy Student Organizations

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion advises the following identity-based student organizations and advocacy groups.

African Student Association (ASA)

African Student Association (ASA) strives to eliminate the stereotypes of Africa by exhibiting its diversity and civilization through lectures, cultural displays, and social gatherings. It seeks to promote an ongoing interaction among Africans, African Americans and the Xavier community.
     - For more information, please contact Sam Terry

Black Student Association (BSA)

Black Student Association (BSA) promotes the interests of the Black students of Xavier University, advocates their rights and privileges, and to teaches the Xavier community and the public as a whole the significance of African-American culture.
     - Advisor: Sam Terry and Dr. Daleah Goodwin
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The mission of EmpowerXU is to engage the Xavier campus and our communities, empower them to dismantle systemic power-based violence, and create an environment that supports survivors of sexual violence. We engage the campus community through intentional meetings, events, and awareness campaigns. We empower survivors to identify a support network and empower bystanders to become upstanders. We work to create an environment that addresses the realities of power-based violence at Xavier and invites upstanders to join the conversation.
     - Contact with questions.
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Gentleman Organized for Achievement and Leadership (GOAL)

Gentleman Organized for Achievement and Leadership (GOAL) promotes, takes action for and educates African-American males and the surrounding communities in the areas of academics, finance, spirituality, culture, and progressive professionalism.
     - For more information, please contact Sam Terry

Ladies with an Emphasis on Achievement and Distinction (LEAD)

Ladies with an Emphasis on Achievement and Distinction (LEAD) is an organization that seeks to foster relationships among women of color that transcends racial, international, physical, and social barriers to help individuals develop and maintain constructive relationships.
     - Advisors: Sam Terry
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LGBTQ+ Alliance

The Xavier LGBTQ+ Alliance is established to provide a safe place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to meet, offer opportunities to learn, teach, and discuss the joys and challenges surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity within the Jesuit teachings of being people for others.
     - Advisors: Maria Merrill + Stephen Yandell
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Hispanic Organization for Latinx Awareness (HOLA)

Hispanic Organization for Latinx Awareness (HOLA) exists not only to educate the Xavier community on both Hispanic and Latina/o/x issues but to encourage said community to participate within the organization with the intentions of including everyone. This organization attempts to build and maintain awareness of Latinx family, culture, language, traditions/customs, history, and religion. This club does not have selective membership; anyone (even non-Latinos and non-Hispanics) can join.
     - Advisors: Tamara Serrano Chandler, Sam Terry and Luciano Cruz
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