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  • Browse existing templates
  • Custom Templates: Digital Media Services is able to provide free custom templates for student projects. Templates make it quick and easy for students to add in their content to Canva while maintaining a consistent structure. To learn more, contact Jessica Murphy (


The free version of Canva will be suitable for most users. For those interested in upgrading to Pro, we recommend the Teams version (a team of up to 5 people, which is $150/year or $30/year per person). 


In order to make your Canva content accessible to users with visual disabilities, you’ll need to take one of the following steps:

  1. Provide adequate color contrast
    • For example, avoid white text on a yellow background.
    • If a user with low vision or color blindness is unable to see colors accurately or sees them differently, it can render your content unreadable./li>
    • Color Accessibility Chart with XU brand colors

  1. Export your content as a PDF

    • Choose "PDF Print" for the best quality
    • When exporting, be sure to not select the checkbox that reads “flatten PDF”. Flattening the PDF will make it impossible for screen readers to read the text within your design.

  2. Provide a comparable text-based alternative

    Social media example: Content posted for social media can be exported from Canva as a JPEG image, but you’ll need to take care to write a manual summary of your design. You don't need to provide a verbatim transcript due to limited space, but make sure to include sufficient information in the description so that viewers can understand your message. You’ll also want to take care to not use decorative fonts in those descriptions (which are not at all accessible).