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Use of Marijuana on Xavier's Campus

In November 2023, voters passed Ohio Issue 2: recreational use of marijuana. This ballot issue will go into effect on December 7, 2023, allowing the recreational use of marijuana under Ohio laws for persons 21 years of age or older. However, in accordance with Federal law, Xavier’s Alcohol and Other Drug policies will not change and marijuana use remains against campus policy.  

FAQs Regarding Use of Marijuana on Xavier’s Campus 

 Q: Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Ohio, will Xavier University change its policies prohibiting marijuana use and possession? 

 A: No, in compliance with federal law, marijuana use and possession remain against University policy, and any public consumption of marijuana remains prohibited and illegal. The federal government still considers marijuana to be an illicit drug. Xavier must abide by federal laws, including the Drug- Free Workplace Act and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. If we fail to comply, Xavier could lose its eligibility for federal funding, including student financial aid programs and grants. 

 Q: What if I use marijuana off-campus or possess it at my off-campus residence? 

 A: Similar to alcohol laws and policies, if marijuana is used/possessed at an off-campus residence and done so in accordance with Ohio law, the University will not take conduct action. 

It is against Ohio law for those under age 21 to use or possess marijuana. Additionally, if a student (or guest of a student) possesses marijuana or is actively under the influence of marijuana while on campus, they risk non-compliance with University policy, regardless of age. 

Students who live on campus are subject to the conduct process if they use marijuana off campus then return to campus under the influence of the substance. 

The University will continue to hold students accountable if they fail to maintain good conduct on or off-campus. 

 Q: Will I be held accountable if I use off campus and return to my on-campus residence? 

A: Yes. Students who live on campus that use marijuana off campus then return to their residence hall after doing so will be held accountable through the conduct process, regardless of age. This is in compliance with federal law.

Q: Can I use medical marijuana on campus? 

A: No, all marijuana is prohibited on University property, including a prohibition from on-campus housing in accordance with State and Federal law. 

Q: Does Xavier's Alcohol and Other Drug policy apply to faculty, staff, guests, and visitors? 

A: Yes, Xavier's policy also prohibits faculty, staff, guests, and visitors from using, possessing, distributing, or being under the influence of marijuana while on college property or during college activities. 

Q: What happens if a student violates the Alcohol & Other Drug policy?  
A: Allegations of student violations of Xavier policy will be referred through the student conduct system. Sanctions may include Alcohol & Other Drug education, fines, parental notification, reflections, and can include probation, suspension or expulsion in the case of egregious or multiple offenses. 
Q: Where can I learn more about the state law? 
A: Review Information from Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law 


Please note: the Ohio state legislature can take action to amend any portion of the law as passed at any time. The information contained above is current as of November 29, 2023.