Center for Teaching Excellence

Share Your Teaching Bright Spots

Throughout this academic year, we want to highlight positive moments and successes you've had in your courses, particularly those that others might adapt in their own teaching practices. Sharing with one another is an important way to navigate this semester in community and decipher the best strategies within these new learning environments. 

What have you tried in your hybrid, remote/online, or socially distanced course that turned out to be a success – the bright spots in the week? What technological and pedagogical strategies ended up working effectively to engage students with course content or each other?

Submit your own teaching Bright Spot

Nominate a colleague's teaching Bright Spot

Complete the appropriate form below to either submit one of your own Bright Spots or to nominate a colleague with a teaching success worth highlighting (maybe a colleague from your department or your Community of Practice group). We will accept submissions and nominations on an ongoing basis throughout the fall semester and share them through the CTE newsletter and on the Instructional Continuity website.