Class Options: Natural Science Electives

All students must take at least one elective in the natural sciences. These courses, which include a lab and lecture, explore scientific knowledge in a specific, focused area of interest. Both lab and lecture must be successfully completed. Some are also listed as Scientific Perspectives courses, but a given course can only count toward one or the other requirement in your completion of the core.

  • BIOL102/132: Life: Human Biology
  • BIOL105/124: Life: Biology of Disease
  • BIOL118/124: Life: The World of Plants
  • BIOL120/130: Life: Ecology and People (E/RS flag)
  • BIOL140/141: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL160/161: General Biology I
  • CHEM104/105: Chemistry: Life and Health
  • PHYS112/113: Our Universe: Color and Images
  • PHYS116/117: Our Universe: The Earth (E/RS flag)
  • PHYS118/119: Our Universe: The Sky
  • PHYS124/125: Our Universe: In the Beginning
  • PHYS160/161: College Physics I
  • PHYS170/171: University Physics I

Courses still being added. Last update: 1/29/15