Class Options: Ethics/Religion and Society Electives

The capstone of the four-course Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS) "core of the core" may be taken in numerous disciplines. Available titles vary from year to year, but have recently included:

  • BIOL-110: Life: Human Reproduction Today
  • PHIL-319: Reason and Desire
  • SOCW-315: Values, Poverty and Society
  • BIOL-120: Life: Ecology and People
  • PHIL-321: Business Ethics
  • SOCW-318: Race Relations
  • BIOL-330: Medical Genetics: Implications
  • PHIL-329: Bioethics
  • SPAN-358: Central America Society and Culture
  • BLAW-300: Legal Environment
  • PHIL-364: Modern Political Philosophy
  • THEO-283: Jewish/Christian Dialogue
  • CHEM-104: Life and Health
  • PHYS-116: Our Universe: The Earth
  • THEO-311: Faith and Justice
  • COMM-324: Sex and Violence in the Media
  • POLI-275: The Politics of War and Peace
  • THEO-322: Black Theology
  • COMM-477: Strategic Communications Ethics and Society
  • POLI-344/THEO-345: The Challenge of Peace
  • THEO-326: Women and Religion
  • ECON-320: Natural Resources Economics
  • POLI-350: Political Theory and American Regime
  • THEO-340: US Catholic Church and Public Issues
  • HIST-324: African-American Struggle for Equality
  • PSYC-367: Psychology of Aging
  • THEO-343: Dialogue Among World Religions
  • HOCS: Occupational Justice: Foundations
  • SOCI-216: Sociology of Religion
  • THEO-364: Religion in an Age of Science
  • MUSC-108: Music, Love and Death
  • SOCW-206: Introduction to Gender and Diversity

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