Advertising Major

Advertising Major Course Requirements

Required Courses (30 credit hours)

COMM 101: Oral Communication
COMM 123: Introduction to Communication and Media
COMM 206: Writing for the Media
COMM 237: Elements of Copy and Design (Fall)
COMM 270: Principles of Strategic Communications
COMM 329: Audience Survey and Research
COMM 332: Media Strategies in Advertising (Fall)
COMM 430: Creative Strategies in Advertising
COMM 439: Senior Seminar in Advertising: Campaigns
COMM 477: Strategic Communication Ethics and Society

Elective A (3 credit hours)

COMM 235: Digital Design
COMM 254: Introduction to Video Production

Elective B (3 credit hours)

COMM 211: Media Literacy
COMM 247: Understanding New Media
COMM 264: Persuasion
COMM 323: Race, Class, Gender and the Media (occasionally offered)
COMM 385: Media, Democracy, and the Public (every other Fall)
COMM 426: Media Law and Policy (occasionally offered)