Dr. Leslie Rasmussen

Associate Professor

Dr. Rasmussen teaches a variety of courses in public relations, advertising, and social media. Her classes have partnered with local organizations like the Music Resource Center (Evanston), Findlay Market Farmstands, and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. She also serves as the Communication Department internship coordinator. Her research in public relations and social media examines social media as a vehicle for mobilizing publics for a number of reasons, and in different contexts. Her recent research includes the examination of influencers as a public relations mediators, online trolling challenges to crisis communication, and channeling trolling as part of a broader strategy.


Dr. Rasmussen previously taught at Iowa Central Community College and at Utah Valley University where she was named University Faculty Member of the Year in 2013 and PRSSA Faculty Member of the Year in 2013.


Public relations/strategic communication, social media use and strategy, crisis communication, brand storytelling

First Year at Xavier




  • Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi (2012)


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