Dr. Andrew Zolides

Associate Professor, Communication Department

Dr. Zolides teaches courses in digital media, internet culture, and media analysis. His research focuses on new media industries and how institutional structures impact the types of messages and discourse we see. His research interests include the political economy of digital media industries, media consolidation, content moderation policies, and digital labor. He also studies the relationship between authoritarian political beliefs and digital media platforms. Currently he is researching how politics have been instilled with celebrity discourses and what this means for our understanding of representative democracy and personal citizenship.
He is also the current Director of Take It On, Xavier's nonpartisan initiative to foster civic engagement and productive dialogue on controversial issues. In this capacity he hopes to encourage and empower Xavier students to participate in civil society through thoughtful deliberation, activism, and of course, voting.


digital media, social networks, media industries, celebrity studies, cultural studies

First Year at Xavier




  • Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison);MA (New York University);BA (University of South Carolina)