College of Professional Sciences

Xavier Advantage

What makes a community strong?

One person can only do so much. But together, we can do so much more.

By working hand-in-hand with those dedicated to serving the communities in which we live, the College of Professional Sciences helps to make those communities stronger.

This ongoing cycle of collaboration, innovation and education maintains a dialogue within our communities to help people work together effectively and efficiently. As we work together, we learn from one another, develop insightful solutions to the issues facing our neighborhoods and cities, and we discover new ways to help our students become the leaders of tomorrow's communities.

Spirit of Collaboration

Rather than isolating each program, we bring disciplines together.

Our students and faculty work among different fields of study to better understand their interconnectivity in the community.

Just as schools, hospitals and other organizations serve the public in more ways than one, we believe that students of each discipline - within education, health care and social sciences - should be aware of how they impact larger organizations.

Our faculty, staff and students - both graduate and undergraduate-are dedicated to exploring collaborative opportunities throughout our college, across the Xavier campus and beyond to help build a strong, more unified community.

Innovation Through Insight

By working together and understanding more about each other, we develop better solutions for the community as a whole.

Our collaborative approach helps people see obstacles from different angles. They see how their roles impact one another, and that mutual understanding opens the door for us to develop holistic solutions and find ways to help each other.

With each innovation, our programs adapt and evolve to better serve our students while making community organizations more efficient and, therefore, better prepared to address the needs of the public.

Education For All

As solutions unfold, we find new ways to learn from each other.

Our college looks for new ways to educate the community as well as our students because the people within our communities are ultimately our partners. And better education of each stakeholder, no matter what role they play, is essential to our focus of enhancing public quality of life.

As we broaden our understanding of the community as a whole, we find new ways to work together as a college, collaborate with our community partners, and continuously bring about innovation for better education of our partners and ourselves.