Classics and Modern Languages

Spanish Minor

La hoja de ruta: A Road Map for Spanish Minors

This list describes in general terms the proposed sequence of courses for the Xavier University Spanish minor. Every student's path may be different, and all minors will consult with their Spanish advisor each semester to ensure that they are taking the right course at the right time for their individual needs and goals. The sequence may be adjusted when a student studies abroad.


Spanish Minor (9 hours must be taken on campus and maintain a 2.5 GPA):

  • SPAN202: 3 hours (If a student tests into SPAN300 and begins the minor with SPAN300 or SPAN301, then 6 hours of 350-498 are required)

  • SPAN300 or 301:3 hours

  • SPAN302-310: 3 hours

  • SPAN311-498: 9 hours (12 hours if the student begins with SPAN300 or SPAN301)

Total: 18 hours