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Spanish Major

The Spanish major is more than just studying how a language works. It offers courses with full immersion in the Spanish language, its dialectal variations and its cultures, with a focus on the social and political contexts vital to engaging with diverse communities.

Why Consider a Major in Spanish?

There are more jobs available to you if you speak Spanish.

  • 9 out of 10 U.S. employers rely on employees with language communication skills other than English.
  • 56 percent of employers report that their demand for bilingual and multilingual speakers will soar over the next five years.
  • 60% of job postings view communication in another language as a differentiator among candidates.
  • A second language can boost salary and job prospects by as much as 35 percent. 

(Source: American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

Students who graduate with a degree in Spanish are equipped with the following skills:

  • proficiency in the Spanish language
  • critical thinking/analytical reasoning
  • research experience
  • cross-cultural awareness
  • intercultural communicative development
  • ability to work with diverse groups

Potential Internships/Careers

A degree in Spanish prepares students for a wide variety of careers in education, politics, foreign service, healthcare, business, and communication. Positions in banking, recruiting and human resources, publishing, social work, medical interpretation, international business, journalism and health care are just a few of the careers that students pursue with a Spanish major.

Spanish Major Requirements

Students take 31 credit hours for a Spanish major, with a required 15 credit hours on campus. The breakdown of the required components can be found here as well as below. A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish. Your faculty advisor for the Spanish major will support you in developing a plan for building proficiency in the language and completing the major.

  • SPAN202: 3 hours (If a student tests into SPAN300 and begins the major with SPAN300 or SPAN301, then the 9 hours of 400-498 applies)
  • SPAN300 or 301: 3 hours
  • SPAN302-310: 3 hours
  • SPAN311-399: 15 hours
  • SPAN400-498:  6 hours (9 hours if the student begins with SPAN300 or SPAN301)
  • SPAN499:  1 hour 

Unique Courses

 Spanish majors have the opportunity to take courses such as:

  • Contemporary Latin American Cinema
  • Fútool in Latin America
  • Hispanic Crime Fiction
  • Topics in Global Spanish

The following courses engage students with the Latinx community in Cincinnati, and examine social justice issues and challenges:

  • Latino Voices in the Community
  • Spanish in Community Health Care Settings
  • Spanish for Advocacy
  • Intercultural Competence

Program Coordinator

Dr. Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco

Phone: 513-745-3423