College of Arts and Sciences

What is A Minor?

A minor is a specific area of study that a student may pursue in addition to the major. The student must declare a major before a minor. A minor will compliment the major, giving the student another area of expertise.

Students must plan their minor with their academic advisor in order to ensure that the minor can be completed in conjunction with major course of study.

Guidelines for Departmental Minors

  • Must contain a minimum of 15 credit hours;
  • At least half of the credit hours of a minor must come form upper division (200-499) courses;
  • A student must declare a minor with the appropriate department and the students college;
  • At least half of the course requirements of a minor must be completed at Xavier;
  • A student must attain a 2.00 average in the course work of the minor in order for it to be acknowledged on the student's transcript.

Students should consult with the appropriate program director concerning specific requirements for a minor.