College of Arts and Sciences

Non-Selfie Self Portraits

What are the messages that we send to the world with our selfies and posts? 

What sides of ourselves do we choose to share -- or not share? Why is that? 

How does presenting an incomplete picture of ourselves to the world affect us and the broader society?

Students in the First Year Seminar: The Art of Expression were asked to explore these questions and create a non-selfie self-portrait – an image of themselves that shares a more personal side and sends a message beyond   

“Look at me!   I’m attractive!  I’m popular!  I’m happy!  I’m cool!”

These self-portraits, created by a cross-section of Xavier first-year students, display a rich spectrum of experience and emotion, capturing the challenges and complexity of being a college student in 2020.

For the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester, the gallery will be on display on the second floor of the Gallagher Student Center. Unable to attend in person? First-year student, Felix Talandis, put together a video showcasing the event.

Read below for student insight: 

Collage of Non-Selfie Self PortraitsD.W. Wyllie:
"This piece is meant to depict a fear I imagine most kids have at the back of their heads when growing up, and that is the fear of living a boring, repetitive life.”

Tyler Doan:
“I wanted to show my attempts at grasping onto the things I am familiar with. As an out of state freshman, I am sure many others can relate to this as we take our first major steps onto the mysterious road known as life.”  

Ella Ongoro:
“This piece represents the different aspects of my personality and depicts what makes me who I am on a deep level”

Jada Ratliff:
“In my self-portrait, I show how the world’s definition of beautiful isn’t a mirror of yourself, so you tear yourself apart”
Collage of Non-Selfie Self Portraits