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Tsevat Memorial Lecture presented Virtually by Dr. Christine Thomas

The Tsevat Memorial Lecture is presented in honor and memory of Dr. Matitiahu Tsevat, who taught at Hebrew Union College for more than 20 years.


On April 21st, Dr. Christine Thomas, assistant professor of theology, presented the lecture: "Gender and Politics in Late Bronze Age Syria: The Undoing of the Daughter of the Great Lady."


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Please see below for the abstract of her lecture. 



The divorce, exile, and execution of a royal woman in Late Bronze Age Syria provides rare insight into the politics of a world woven together by diplomatic marriages. This woman’s loss of status and, eventually, loss of life lay bare the way in which women brokered relationships among men.  Examining the rhetorical and legal strategies of the texts which document her case reveals the extent to which the relative power of royal men depended on their relationships to royal women.