College of Arts and Sciences



I don't get out much these days--just like you. On day 15 since returning from Peru, I haven't left the house except for a too-occasional walk. 

So it hits me whenever I step outside.

We sit for too many hours before our screens and keyboards, adapting as best we can to our still not-quite-fathomable world of dire headlines, infections ticking up country by country, and cascading layoffs. All while our anxieties for friends and loved ones grow.

And--at the same time--new life emerges all around us, unfettered and unconcerned. Spring blooms.

Birdsong. Tulips. My exuberantly weedy lawn. So discordant at this moment, and yet even more welcome. Natural resilience, flourishing amidst our unintended experiment with low-carbon lifestyles.

A source of consolation, just outside our doors.