College of Arts and Sciences



“The Peruvian president just announced that he’s closing the borders. Get to the airport as soon as you can and try to get on any flight going to the United States.” (Thankfully our students had left 24 hours earlier.)
Another day in the life of a medieval historian and dean? Not exactly what I thought I was getting into.
You too, I know, have all had your own unprecedented personal and professional experiences in the past several days.

We're trying to do everything as usual--just remotely. Which is to say, not at all like usual. Not what any of us expected.

You’ve been attending CTE workshops and reading online guides to learn new techniques and technologies. You’ve called and e-mailed students in the midst of spring break, volunteered for the student hotline, and come to campus on the weekend to help students and their parents pack up dorm rooms. You’ve begun hearing “zoom” used as a noun. And you’ve done it all even as many basic tasks of daily living have demanded new solutions of you.
We can do this, and we’ll do it together.
Keep reading for your invitation to Q&A and Coffee with the Dean’s office—sessions we will hold on Zoom, of course. And see other timely announcements and information about new resources being built by people across campus to support you.

David Mengel
(working remotely, from Cincinnati)