College of Arts and Sciences

Who's Who in the Dean's Office

The dean's office is committed to supporting the students, faculty and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences. The office values are:

  • intellectual inquiry: we are rigorous in our use of data, methods, interpretation, dissemination
  • equity: we work to ensure that each person has access to what they need in order to succeed
  • interdependence: we promote and celebrate working together and drawing on the diversity of our community
  • individual development: we help each member of our community—students, staff, faculty—to develop into their best selves
  • commitment to Xavier: we take pride in and leverage our position as a Jesuit Catholic university in Cincinnati
  • courageous honesty: we speak the truth and listen to each other, while assuming good intention


Faculty and staff are most likely to work with the dean's office staff in the following contexts:


Dr. Tim Brownlee

Associate Dean

First point of contact with Classics and Modern Languages; International Studies; Music and Theatre; PPP; Philosophy; Political Science

  • Faculty hiring
  • Program review and response
  • Budget
  • Provost Liaison
  • Approvals for new hires
  • Appointing new chairs and program directors
  • Early-career faculty
  • Grants
  • Annual Academic Program Check-In

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Jennifer Droege

Assistant Dean

First point of contact with Economics

  • Academic integrity reports
  • Student academic concerns
  • Student Advisory Board
  • Summer course scheduling
  • Study Abroad/Xavier Expeditions

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Dr. Dena Morton

Associate Dean

First point of contact with APEX; Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Data Science; Math; Physics

  • Faculty hiring
  • Program review and response
  • Budget
  • Curriculum advising, planning, changing
  • Course scheduling
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Faculty Load (ZRLS)
  • Rank and Tenure procedures
  • Recommendation letters for Conway applicants

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Dr. Stephen Yandell

Associate Dean

First point of contact with Art; Communications; English; History; RIGS; Theology; University Scholars

  • Faculty hiring
  • Program review response
  • Study Abroad/Xavier Expeditions
  • CAS Curriculum Committee/BOGS/BUGS
  • Faculty 180/Annual Updates
  • Travel/Special Funding
  • Assessment
  • Faculty Qualifications
  • CASDI Co-chair

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If you are not sure whom to contact, please email call our office at 513-745-3101.