All you add is you.

Xavier's Career Development Model is a unique system that takes the information, skills and experiences you already have and helps you arrive at your next step in your career path. Whatever that step may be - from incoming first-year Musketeers trying to choose a major to an alum looking to make a career shift - our Career Development Model keeps you on course.

Think of it as cura vocation: or care of your career.

Our mission? To help discover your real interests, which leads to that first job or successful career. Your mission? To ultimately find a calling - or that life pursuit that brings you true happiness and fulfillment. That's our calling.

No one goes it alone or in the exact same way.

The path to a great career can be filled with twists, turns and often a misstep or two. That's OK and to be expected. It's making the journey that's important. And the more you know yourself, the easier it will be to line up all the resources and opportunities - networking, internships and that great first job offer. Just dive into the system at whatever stage you're at.

Not sure where to start?

Whether you are starting out or maybe starting over, before you think about a career, think about yourself.

career - who am i Who Am I?

What's the Xavier experience without a little self-reflection? Finding those answers requires some time, thought, and effort. But the good news is we're the experts at providing the resources that will help you identify your unique skills, talents, values and strengths.

career - what's out there What's Out There?

The world is full of possibilities, and college is the time to explore. Our office can provide you with a map for your path - career fairs, information sessions, informational interviews and more.

career - do i like it Do I Like It?

Now it's time to take a potential career for a test drive. You could start with a one-day job shadow or gain experience by joining a club (plus it makes a nice bullet-point on your resume´.) Then take it to the next step with an internship or joining our Professional Mentor Program.

career - go for it Go For It!

Armed with a can't-miss cover letter, brilliantly polished resume´ and perfected interview skills, what's left? That's right - finding the perfect job. We can help you get there with networking, job searching, and more (including salary negotiation!).