Career Development

Career Development Model

The Xavier Career Development model is a framework for navigating your own personal career journey. We take the information, skills, and experiences you have to guide you to your next steps, whether you are a first year student exploring your major, a junior on the internship hunt, or an alum looking to make a career shift. 

The path to a great career is ongoing and ever-changing. It is filled with twists, turns, and missteps along the way, which is to be expected, and that is why the career development model is a continuous process. You will find yourself in the areas below at different points in your journey at Xavier and beyond! 

Check out the areas of the Career Development Model below to self-assess where you may be in your journey and explore helpful resources. Keep in mind that reflection is a significant piece of the process as you move through each area. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to have a personalized conversation about your unique goals. 



 Who Am I? Discovering Yourself

The "Who am I?" question allows you to look inward and reflect on who you are as a person. Think about and identify aspects of yourself such as your strengths, interests, values, and skills through assessments, discussion, and reflection. 


What's Out There? Investigating Your Possibilities

Once you take time to reflect on who you are, it's time to find out what is out there for you and investigate your possibilities. Research and explore opportunities and experiences that align with your interests.  


 How Do I Get There? Building Your Experience

Now that you know who you are and where you want to be, make a plan to make it happen! Set goals and design a path to achieve them. Identify obstacles and use your resources to help you effectively achieve your goals. 


How Do I Find the Words? Articulating Your Story 

Articulate your story and represent yourself with confidence and professionalism. Highlight relevant experiences you have had and what it is that makes you unique. Effectively highlight your accomplishments to demonstrate that you are a strong candidate. Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach and/or attend a career workshop to enhance these skills! 


Take Action! Delivering Your Talents

Put your plan into action! Apply the skills and knowledge you have gained to actively seek out opportunities that align with your goals. Continue to reflect upon your progress and adjust your plan as needed.


*Some material adapted from original Career Development Model, Butler University Internship and Career Services.