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Career Assessments

Career assessments are often helpful when students wish to explore their interests, skills, preferences, and values as they relate to selecting a major or choosing a career path. While making an informed major/career decision is a process, career assessments can be valuable in helping you narrow your selections and consider a variety of options.

Career Development is proud to offer different assessments that may assist.  Three assessments are offered:  the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI,) Strong Interest Inventory (SII,) and Focus 2.  While the MBTI and SII require first meeting with a Career Coach to determine if they are the right next step, the Focus 2 assessment below can be taken by all students and results are immediate.


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Focus 2 is an online career assessment tool that will guide you through a reliable career and education decision-making model to help you choose your major at Xavier. You can also explore what you can do with various majors as well as learn more about individual occupations. We strongly suggest that you meet with a career coach after using Focus 2.

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