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X-Path Components

The X-Path program at Xavier University

The X-Path program gives individualized support to students on the autism spectrum or with related disorders. Each participating student receives support and coaching tailored to their specific needs in order to help them succeed in college, both academically and socially, and also to prepare them for life after graduation.

The X-Path Program includes the following components:

Weekly Meeting(s) with Coordinators

X-Path students will meet weekly (or as needed) with the program or assistant program coordinator to discuss and work on academic, social and career goals.  This one on one time will focus on the student’s needs at the time of the meeting as well as short and long term goals.  Topics may include academic concerns, social interaction, decision-making skills, interests, career goals, etc.

Weekly Peer Coaching

Students are partnered with trained upperclassmen who have solid social, academic and leadership skills and an interest in ASD.  Students will meet twice a week (or as needed) with peer coaches to discuss how to be successful in the classroom, engage with peers and connect with the on and off campus community.


Career Preparation Program Series

Series of workshops focused on different aspects of career preparation.  Programs will include but not be limited to: Professional Mentor Program, Resume Development and Interview Skills.

Group Activities

Participants will have the opportunity to attend planned activities/experiences with other program participants, students and peer coaches.  We require that each X-Path participant attend two activities each month.  Activities have included: Breakout Rooms, TopGolf, Xavier Basketball Games, Movie Nights, Café Dinners, Loveland Castle, Cincinnati Observatory and many more.

Study Tables

Participants in the program will be asked to attend at least one study table each week.  Study Tables take place on the fifth floor of the Conaton Learning Center.  They occur between 5:00  and 8:00 pm each weekday afternoon and Saturdays from 12:00 to 3:00 pm.  Study tables will provide a structured opportunity to develop good study habits and connections with community members. The tables will be supervised by peer coaches and Coordinators.