Cura Propria

Building a profound culture of belonging and inclusive excellence

In our ongoing endeavor to frame our Jesuit legacy and traditions in a contemporary setting, a commitment to Cura Propria (Care of Oneself) naturally accompanies Cura Personalis, Cura Studorium and Cura Apostolica in the context of a University community, completing the circle of care as we commit to caring for the entire person, the pedagogical paradigm, the ministry and, now, for oneself. Reading the signs of the times, we strive to support our students, colleagues and neighbors in their individual health, wellness and success, situated within a profound culture of belonging.

Reimagine a radical model of integrated vocational discernment.

Rooted in our Jesuit Catholic identity and mission, Xavier will assist our students in approaching the question of who they are called to be. Students will be encouraged in taking a broad view of this vocational discernment process, looking not only at their professional goals, but giving equal consideration to the person that they are called to be, and the impact that they hope to have on the world around them.

Prioritize the health, success and well-being of all Xavier colleagues.

Xavier redoubles its commitment to cura personalis and cura propria, recognizing the importance of self-care and of care for the entire person as we focus on the ways in which our University can support and care for our faculty and staff, as whole people. Xavier will strive to provide better support of our colleagues, to encourage their personal and professional development, and to improve our campus culture of belonging for all.

Strengthen our culture of belonging through enhanced campus amenities and programming.

Xavier will work collaboratively and creatively to enhance on- and near-campus amenities that allow for our students to engage fully with the collegiate experience, balancing curricular, extracurricular, athletic and social opportunities as they move through the college chapter of their lives. Working with our neighbors and surrounding community, Xavier is committed to increased vibrancy and to supporting a full student experience through physical spaces and intentional programming.

Enhance partnerships across our local communities, advancing the greater good in support of the shared goals of our partners.

In conjunction with our surrounding schools, governmental and non-profit organizations, faith communities, businesses and other associations, we will seek to support and stand in solidarity with those in our community, recognizing that every human life is sacred, and that the dignity of the human person lies at the moral foundation of our society. Through these works, we will advance justice, in search of a better world.