Cura Apostolica

Operational strength and effective stewardship

If Cura Personalis and Cura Propria are commitments to care of the entire person and of oneself, Cura Apostolica calls us to extend that same care to the collective work – a commitment to care for the Jesuit ministry in which we serve. Like the Church, our campus community is a communal ‘person’, subject to strengths and weaknesses, to successes and failures. As stewards of this Ignatian community, Xavier commits to taking every step to ensure that it thrives and succeeds, well into the future.

Ensure that our Jesuit Catholic identity and character inform each of our endeavors, paying particular attention to the Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Xavier’s mission and identity as a Jesuit Catholic institution provide a distinctive grounding and motivation for all of the work done on our campus, and we will continue to anchor each of our endeavors in this character, serving as a high-impact, Jesuit Catholic beacon in the middle of the world. As the global Ignatian community completes its decade of inspiration from the Universal Apostolic Preferences (2019-2029), we will deepen our focus on animating those commitments, paying specific attention to caring for our common home.

Infuse a commitment to continuous improvement across our campus, aligning our operational practices with leading sector approaches.

In an environment of continually increasing complexity, Xavier will undertake campus-wide analyses of our policies, practices and procedures, with an eye on continuous improvements. Our community will be encouraged to welcome a culture where every colleague is continually seeking innovative, efficient and effective ways to collaboratively do our work, allowing for enhanced outcomes and empowered shared governance that cross all divisional boundaries.

Animate our national identity to expand and diversify our institutional footprint.

Over the last several decades, Xavier has experienced an increase in the proportion of students who hail from beyond Cincinnati and the surrounding region. We will leverage our identity as a national university to attract an increasingly broad base of students to Xavier, drawing from across the country and around the globe. To further enrich our community of learners, Xavier will seek to recruit a deeper base of graduate and non-traditional learners, paying particular attention to alternative pathways and credentials, and with an emphasis on flexibility in response to ever-changing needs of our students and of the world around us.

Advance institutional thriving through a strengthened and diversified operational infrastructure, including seeking opportunities for external collaboration and partnerships.

Xavier must strengthen its institutional sustainability by committing to an operational infrastructure that is agile, innovative and proactive. Through the diversification of traditional revenue streams, and an openness to strategic collaborations -conventional and unconventional – Xavier will continue to offer leadership across our communities and sector.