Health Services Administration

Sometimes, you just want to be part of a caring environment. But you don't have to become a doctor or a nurse to do so. The Health Services Administration program prepares you to do the important jobs in information systems, finance, marketing and planning, so that the medical practitioners can do theirs.


Xavier Health Services Administration graduates are employed, enrolled in a full-time graduate program or volunteering within 90 days of graduation.

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Two Concentrations

Major in long-term care for a career in retirement centers, home care agencies or other elder-care areas, or in information management in preparation for careers in hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical or other health services organizations.

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Business Focus

Understanding the ins and outs of the business world is essential to being a successful health administrator. Every health services student earns a minor in business administration to help prepare for the management side of health care.

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Join the Health Services Club to organize networking events, visit health care organizations and participate in charity events. It's open to all undergraduates, but focuses on careers in health administration.

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Four Years That Will Change Your Life.

Addressing Public Health in Belize

Shortly after graduating last May with a Health Services Administration degree, Kelsey Minix found herself in Belize, Central America, working in public health. But the position and the people she met led her in a direction she did not expect—helping stop domestic abuse.

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After Graduation

Health Services graduates accept jobs at

  • Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Local, state health agencies
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Federal state health agencies
Cincinnati More Fortune 500 companies per capita than
Los Angeles, New York or Chicago
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