Xavier Journal of Politics

Volume II

The Xavier Journal of Political Science
Vol. II, No. 1 (Fall 2011)

Editorial Board
David Dansart, Class of 2012
Ashley Freeland, Class of 2012
Megan Green, Class of 2012
Jon Kelly, Class of 2012

Faculty Advisor
Mack Mariani, Xavier University

Faculty and Staff Review Board
Brian Glenn, Wesleyan University
Anas Malik, Xavier University
Lanethea Matthews, Muhlenburg College
Ryan Peterson, Delta College
John Ray, Xavier University
Nicholas Tampio, Fordham University
Timothy J. White, Xavier University
Bin Yu, Xavier University

Table of Contents

The Editors Editors' Note

Brice Lipman Diminishing Returns: Crisis Politics and Financial Reform Legislation

Alison McEmber The Publishing Industry, the Recording Industry and the Five Stages of Grief

Brian Daniels The Changing Political Status of Veterans in the Post-September 11th Period

Brad Martin Herodotus, Politics and Athenian Democracy

Jonathan Simpson Midterm Wave Elections: The Effect of Candidate Quality and Ideology on Re-Election

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