Veteran and Military Family Center Guide to Financial Aid and Scholarships for Veterans

The team at recently developed a comprehensive scholarship guide that is specifically for Veterans. Their goal for the guide is to inform students about critical information regarding their college education and share different resources that will help set them up for success. The guide offers in-depth information in several areas, including:

  • Why scholarships for veterans are important
  • How to find and apply for scholarships
  • Scholarships by area of study
  • Scholarships for Veterans in minority groups, including Black Veterans, LGBTQ Veterans, and Veterans with disabilities is a leading online education resource making learning accessible for over 30 million students and educators a month. 


Government aid is just one part of the financial assistance available to military veterans. Many institutions and nonprofit organizations offer scholarships for veterans. When searching for scholarships, begin by talking to the advisors or counselors at your institution of higher education. You should also speak with the admissions offices at institutions you plan to attend, which may have a veteran's affairs office, too. If you're a member of a veterans-related institution, such as the American Legion, you should contact that institution and ask about scholarship programs. To be awarded private scholarships, you may need to:

  • Write an organized essay on a particular subject, which tend to be fewer than 1,000 words. For example, you may be asked to write about your experience as a veteran.
  • Provide references from supervisors, friends, and family, or people who are familiar with your service record.
  • Demonstrate financial hardship if the scholarship is need-based. In this case, you'll need to provide pay stubs, your tax returns, or W-2 forms.

Ultimately, the steps you need to take to apply for a scholarship may differ from award to award and can include application forms, essays, and interviews. These steps will begin to take shape once you begin to review specific scholarship opportunities.

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