The Student Veterans Center strives to provide veterans of Xavier University a safe, studious, and recreational setting. Located on campus at the Conaton Learning Commons in room 529, the Student Veterans Center offers veterans a space of their own where they can print off papers, work on assignments, or have a cup of coffee and friendly conversation.

The Center is a place to unwind, connect with fellow veterans, and have access valuable resources for Student Veteran success. The Student Veteran Center has comfortable chairs for relaxing, desks for coursework, computers and printers available for use, as well as conference tables and offices for group projects.

The Student Veterans Center has a dedicated staff of Veterans and serves only the Xavier Student Veteran population, active duty military and military dependents. The Center's staff helps Veterans through every step of the education process through graduation, assists with employment, and maintains contact when they become Xavier alumni.

The Student Veterans Center has multiple resources available on-site to both Veterans and dependents including financial aid and planning, career counseling, and psychological assistance.

Feel free to call us or visit if you have the opportunity!