The Student Veterans Center connects student veterans here at Xavier University with the resources and experiences they need to ensure their personal and academic success. Our center offers unique services specifically for our veteran students including financial aid, career guidance, mentor programs, and more. And we recognize that it is support from alums, veterans, and friends of the center that make it all possible.

Our ability to continue offering student veterans these unique resources and experiences depends on your support. Your financial support enables us to attract and retain veteran studeants, expand internship opportunities, and provide scholarships. The center would very much appreciate your donations to help bolster our programs and facilities. There are a variety of ways to give back.

Support our initiatives by:

  • Contributing to our Student Veteran Association fund
  • Making a gift to the Student Veterans Center
  • Providing recreational items for community building
  • Donating computers and other items for the center

If you have any questions concerning donations to the Student Veterans Center please contact Brad Fittes.