Welcome to Xavier University! You will have a session on technology during New Employee Orientation, but here is some information to get you started. You and your supervisor should review this information together.



One of your first tasks as a new employee should be to set your Xavier account password. This password will grant you access to most of the services and systems offered at Xavier University.

  1. Before setting your password, review the password requirements.
  2. Once you've decided on an appropriate password, set your password for the first time.
  3. Review how the Password Manager (http://password.xavier.edu) can be used to change or reset your password.

Data Security

Please take the time to review our Acceptable Use Policy. As an employee, you will be expected to abide by the terms of this document.

Xavier performs nightly maintenance and patching on all employee machines connected to our wired network. Please be sure to leave your computer on overnight so this maintenance can occur. Save any work before leaving to ensure data is not lost during a reboot!

Email and Office 365

Email accounts can be accessed in one of several ways:

  • The Microsoft Outlook client, which is installed on all Xavier-issued Macs and Windows PCs.
  • Outlook Web Access (http://office365.xavier.edu), which can be accessed on or off campus from any device's web browser.
  • Mobile devices can be configured to access Xavier email. Instructions for Android and Apple iOS are available.

Office 365 combines web-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint with OneDrive, which can be used as an alternative to mapped network drives for document sharing/storage.

Wireless Access

There are three different wireless access points on campus: xavierguest, xavierwireless and xmisc. Employees are encouraged to setup and use the xavierwireless network, as it provides more access and greater speed than the xavierguest network.

Network Drives

There are several network drives available to anyone using a Xavier-issued Mac or Windows PC. The most common are:

  • Department drive (R:) - Used for employees within a specific department to store documents.
  • Collaboration drive (Q:) - Used to store documents to be shared across multiple departments.

Employees can request additional access to existing drives, or creation of new drives, by submitting an online request form.

Off-campus Access

Certain sensitive internal systems (such as Banner) are restricted from off-campus access, unless special software is used:

  • Xavier Virtual PC can either installed or accessed via web browser on any device. It provides a full-fledged Xavier desktop, including all software included on our standard desktop image. Consult this article for more information.
  • Global Protect VPN can be installed on MacOS, Windows, Android or iOS. The VPN creates a "secure tunnel" between your device and Xavier's network, allowing full access. Consult this article for more information.

Campus Communication

The Xavier Employee Hub is the official communication channel for the University, offering a wide range of services, information and news.

Phones and Conferencing

Xavier offers several different options for voice and web conferencing/communication:

  • Each office space is provided with a Cisco IP phone. Voicemail setup and related instructions are available online.
  • Cisco Jabber is installed on all Xavier issued computers, and can be used in conjunction with your phone as an instant messaging tool.
  • You can conduct a video conference with multiple people on or off-campus using Zoom.

Software Purchase Programs

Employees may purchase Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system for home use at a reduced price. The licensing allows for one product purchase and installation per calendar year. More information on the program can be found in the Xavier Knowledge Base.

Obtaining Technical Assistance

  • The Xavier Helpdesk is located on the 3rd floor of the Conaton Learning Commons and provides technical assistance via phone, email and walkups.
  • Xavier Self-Service can be used to submit online requests for help with technical issues.
  • The Xavier Knowledge Base is a searchable site containing valuable technical help and how-to documents.

Online Training

Hoonuit is freely available to all employees. It offers brief online video tutorials on a variety of technical and non-technical topics.

Library Resources

Library resources can be accessed via the library's website (http://www.xavier.edu/library). For an in-depth look at our library services, please consult the "About Us" Library page.