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Posted: 2/10/16 5:01 PM

The National Pan-Hellenic Council of Xavier University invites you to attend First Friday- Carnival, this Friday, February 12, 2016 from 12:30-2pm in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Come out and join us for free food catered by Island Frydays. See you there!

1-First Friday Carnival.png

Posted: 2/10/16 3:50 PM

The dealine for WOX Grants is quickly approaching!  Apply for a WOX grant for that project that you have wanted to do in this coming year.  The dealine is March 1 at 5:00 p.m.

This link will lead you to the guidelines and the application:  http://www.xavier.edu/wox/Giving-Circle.cfm


Please contact Anne Ernst at ernsta@xavier.edu or at 745-2865 with any questions or for more information.

Posted: 2/10/16 12:55 PM

Do you know how to spot on online tax scam? Click here to learn how!

For more information: https://msisac.cisecurity.org/newsletters/2016-02.cfm

Posted: 2/10/16 12:42 PM

The story of Esther Krinitz’s survival during the Holocaust as depicted in the exhibit, Fabric of Survival, is now on display on the 3rd floor of Gallagher.  Born and raised in Poland, Esther was only 15 when she escaped with her sister from Nazi occupation.  Now her memories of Poland and surviving the Holocaust are forever captured in these amazing fabric collages.


To speak more about Esther’s story, her daughter Bernice Steinhardt will be speaking at a reception in the Clock Tower Lounge on Feb. 18 at 7:00 p.m.  All are welcome to attend the reception, which will feature the film ‘Through the Eye of the Needle’ and catering from Babushka Pierogies. For more information, please contact Stephanie Renny at 513-745-3569 or rennys@xavier.edu.

For more information: http://www.xavier.edu/interfaith/index.cfm

1-Fabric of Survival Flier Feb 2016.jpg

Posted: 2/10/16 11:21 AM

3-show passes to BEGOTTEN, BETRAYAL and MISS JULIE are now available at the box office for only $20! Bring your All-Card to the box office during operating hours (Tue-Fri, 2:00-6:00), and you can purchase your ticket to all three shows (Limit one pass per person).

Single tickets are also available and can be purchased online at http://www.xavier.edu/theatretickets.

Please email endresr@xavier.edu with any questions.

For more information: http://www.xavier.edu/theatre-department

Posted: 2/10/16 10:26 AM

The UPRC Subcommittee on Space is now accepting requests for space allocation. To see the existing space that is available, please go to the neXus link for Available Space. To submit a request for the available space or an unidentified space, please click on the link for Request for Space Form.

Requests must be submitted by Friday, March 11, 2015.  The subcommittee will review the requests and make recommendations to the UPRC.  For more information or questions, please contact Debi Cain at 745-2061 or caind1@xavier.edu.

Posted: 2/10/16 10:19 AM

Hello all !

Lets spread the cause on Campus today !!

Did you know that some Guatemalan families shares ONE toothbrush?’!!

Come show  support towards the hard work and effort the Guatemala Medical Team engenders year by year !!

There will be pizza available from 3 -6pm at Gallagher Student Center !! Pepperoni  and Cheese &#X1f603 First come First Serve !

Have a great day and see you around !!


Awrad Al-Ostath on behalf all SHEL leaders!

 ( Student Health Education Leaders SHEL)


For those who still want to donate online the link is below

Instructions to donation

1.    Go to www.xavier.edu/interfaith/support  

2.    Fill in Donor Information

3.    Proceed to Gift Information and select  and note how much you would like to donate to ‘Interfaith Medical Service Trip to Guatemala’

4.    Before you proceed, select the button next to it ‘Add notes’

5.    Type ‘ Student Health Education Leaders (SHEL) – Toothbrush’

6.    Proceed with Affiliation with Xavier ( Scroll down)

7.    Matching Employer Information (optional) -  there mention if you are a dentist, dental technician  etc. or a part of a company/organization  e.g. ‘Johnson& Johnson’

8.    Fill in payment information 

9.    Confirm payment



For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWOD7Pbxhd8

1-Guatemala medical trip.docx

Posted: 2/10/16 10:15 AM

The most reliable and less complicated relationship is you and a book. Visit the 3rd floor atrium of the CLC and shop the Blind Date with a Book display.  Find your match to cozy up with on Valentine's Day!


Posted: 2/10/16 10:07 AM

Attention Students and Staff,

On February 11th starting at 11:30am a representative from FC Cincinnati will be in Gallagher to answer any questions that you may have concerning the team and their upcoming season. The representative will be there to answer all quetions from merchandice, to tickets and even the schedule. 

There will also be a raffle to win some FC Cincinnati gear. Entry is free to all who visit the table. If you sign up to receive more information about season tickets you can double your chances of winning the raffle. 

Also there will be new never before seen swag available for free. Also Donatos will be offering some exclusive offers including Free Pizza.

So be sure to visit Gallagher starting at 11:30am on February 11th


February 16 - E/RS Interviews: "Sustainability - Community, Equality, Environment"

Posted: 2/10/16 8:28 AM

In the second of six E/RS interviews, Kathleen Smythe (History) and Nancy Bertaux (Economics) will discuss issues of sustainability based on both their personal experiences and academic pursuits. The E/RS interviews provide an opportunity for us to get to know in a more informal fashion members of the Xavier community.

Conaton Board Room, Schmidt Hall, 4:00 pm.

As well as the other events left this semester:

For more information: http://www.xavier.edu/ers/Lecture-Series.cfm

Posted: 2/10/16 7:38 AM

Lenten Bible Study  begins today February 11th  with Understanding How the Gospels Were Written. This is for beginners and avid readers alike.  Join us Thursdays Feb 11, & 25; Mar 3, 10, and 17 in the Center for Mission and Identity at Noon.

Posted: 2/9/16 3:59 PM

Take advantage of convenient, fresh, and healthy dining options with a faculty & staff meal plan. There is no need to pack a lunch, find an ATM, or leaving campus to have a delicious meal. We have dining options designed with you in mind. Meal plans offer diverse and healthy food options at a fraction of the cost. Save time, money, and your parking spot.

1-Faculty_Staff Meal Plans.pdf

Posted: 2/9/16 2:04 PM

We invite all first and second year STEM students to apply.  You do not need experience teaching, nor do you need to be interested in teaching as a career.  A heart for service and your subject is all you need! The 2016 internship will run 6/6-8/5, with a 6/5 move-in.  For more information and to apply please visit: http://www.xavier.edu/noyce/Noyce-Summer-Internship1.cfm

We have expanded our internship opportunities this year! About half our interns will work with Dr. Gary Lewandowski and Dr. Carla Gerberry in running an on campus summer camp. You will assist in planning activities, supervising high school student staff, supervising middle school participants, and help plan programming to help the high school staff learn more about college life, applying for college, and such.  

Four to six interns will be selected to spend nine weeks with Breakthrough Cincinnati. Those interested is this amazing Breakthrough experience must also apply directly to Breakthrough Cincinnati.  Those interested in only the Xavier College Bound Camps can apply at www.xavier.edu/noyce.

First and second year students with a passion for service are strongly encouraged to apply. The first week of the program will include a STEM-teaching boot camp. Students will live on the Xavier University campus, receiving room and board (including $750 food stipend) as well as a $400/week stipend. During the internship, students will keep journals and meet with mentors to reflect upon their experiences. Faculty and staff from the STEM departments, education department and Community Building Institute will work with students to expand their knowledge and interest in teaching inner-city/at-risk students."

The application deadline is February 26, 2016.



For more information: http://www.xavier.edu/noyce



Posted: 2/9/16 10:59 AM

 ‘Did you know that some Guatemalan families shares ONE toothbrush?’
As a member of Student Health Education Leaders (SHEL) and speaking on their behalf, We all strives to advocate health and wellness, we will be collecting donations on National Tooth Ache Day ( 9th February – United States) on campus and online.
Join the movement by donating money towards dental supplies for the Guatemala Medical Service Trip founded by Xavier Center for Interfaith Community Engagement. Each year, a medical team participates and provides their service for those in need at a little village in Guatemala.
View the progress here:
 Guatemala video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWOD7Pbxhd8
Also, check out what previous participants have done. http://xavieruniverse.blogspot.com/ 
Instructions to donation
1.    Go to www.xavier.edu/interfaith/support 
2.    Fill in Donor Information
3.    Proceed to Gift Information and select  and note how much you would like to donate to ‘Interfaith Medical Service Trip to Guatemala’
4.    Before you proceed, select the button next to it ‘Add notes’
5.    Type ‘ Student Health Education Leaders (SHEL) – Toothbrush’
6.    Proceed with Affiliation with Xavier ( Scroll down)
7.    Matching Employer Information (optional) -  there mention if you are a dentist, dental technician  etc. or a part of a company/organization  e.g. ‘Johnson& Johnson’
8.    Fill in payment information 
9.    Confirm payment
If you would like further information please contact either myself by replying to this email, or Scott Knapke , knapkes@xavier.edu ; Zach Greiner, greinerz@xavier.edu 

 Rabbi Abie Ingber
Executive Director
Phone: 513-745-3780
E-mail: ingbera@xavier.edu


Stephanie Renny
Program and Administrative Associate
Phone: 513-745-3569
Email: rennys@xavier.edu

Best Regards

Awrad Alostath



1-Guatemala medical trip.docx

Posted: 2/9/16 10:00 AM

Dear Faculty,


It’s time to submit your course material request for the Summer 2016 term. The deadline for submitting your materials is March 15th. Receiving your list of materials as soon as possible allows us to source the most affordable books for your students and provide top dollar for students selling books back at the end of this term. With Follett Discover, selecting your course materials is fast and easy.


To Access Follett Discover:

  1. Log into Canvas.  https://canvas.xavier.edu/login/ldap
  2. Select Any Course
  3. Select the Follett Discover Link (Located in the far left column)
  4. Need help using Follett Discover? Watch this quick demo video (http://follett.com/discover/login.cfm).



Eric Irwin

All For One Shop – Gallagher Student Center



Posted: 2/9/16 8:12 AM

Dear XU colleagues and friends,

Today is the second day of Chinese New Year of the Monkey. 

I wish you all a very successful Chinese New Year. 


Dr. Kam C. Wong

Criminal Justice

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