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  • XU Alert Me and Clery Compliance Up. . . - 19 hours ago | 182 views

    XU Alert Me and Clery Compliance Update

    Posted: 10/29/14 1:41 PM

    To the Campus Community,

    I wanted to provide you with a quick update regarding recent changes in how we report certain crimes on the Xavier campus and also in our XU Alert Me communication process.  A committee of Xavier staff members came together to confirm that Xavier continues  in compliance with federal law and that we are doing all we can to promote a safe and informed campus community. Committee members included representatives from the offices of Student Integrity, Title IX, Xavier Police, and Residence Life.  These areas, along with University legal counsel and a national consultant, collaborated on this work.

    The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC § 1092(f)) (the Clery Act) is the federal law that requires colleges and universities across the United States to disclose information about certain crimes on and around their campuses. 

    Under this law, Xavier University must follow specific guidelines on crime reporting, emergency planning and preparedness, fire safety and programing and safety communications with the campus community.  It also requires that we publish an annual report detailing specific policies and procedures around campus safety, crime and fire statistics for the last three years, and fire safety and crime prevention programming conducted on campus. In addition, with the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act in 2013 (VAWA), more reporting and other requirements have been placed on universities in the areas of sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking. Since Clery and VAWA only cover certain types of crimes that occur at certain places they are commonly referred to a “Clery Crimes.”

    As part of these ongoing safety and compliance initiatives and in preparation for the new requirements found in VAWA, our committee hired D. Stafford and Associates, nationally known experts in Clery compliance, to assist with a Clery overview of the University. The six-month study provided a roadmap for the University to confirm compliance with the Clery Act and the new requirements of VAWA.  The study covered matters like how we count crimes that occur within our Clery geography, how Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are identified and report crimes, and how the University communicates emergencies and crimes to members of the Xavier Community.   

    In the coming days new information that grew out of our study will become apparent, for example:

    • An enhanced process to count and classify crimes, taking into account VAWA and best practices.

    • There will be some additional information concerning Clery Crimes that were reported to the offices of the Title IX Coordinator, Student Integrity, and Xavier’s Advocate Program (statistics only, no identifying information provided) in addition to those Clery Crimes reported to the Xavier Police Department.

    As a result, the latest Annual Security Report for 2013 (published and circulated to the campus Community on October 1, 2014), will show an increase in some Clery Crimes and a decrease in others over 2012. This does not necessary mean there was a large increase or decrease in crimes on campus, just a new way of counting and classifying them as required by the Clery Act and newly implemented by VAWA.

    The Clery Act also requires universities to issue two types of safety notifications to the campus:

    • Immediate Notifications are issued for incidents involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students and employees on campus.  Examples include weather emergencies, violent crimes in progress or a fire.  The XU Alert Me System is used to communicate Immediate Notifications with the campus community. Anyone with an @xavier.edu email address is automatically registered to receive these notifications via email. Additionally, student phone numbers provided during the registration process have been entered into the XU Alert Me database and students will automatically receive text and voice messages, in addition to emails, from XU Alert Me for Immediate Notifications.  Students are able to change the phone number listed in the system, but cannot remove the number from the system.  Faculty and staff are not automatically registered to receive the text and voice messages but may “opt in” to receive the notices.


    • Timely Warnings are issued for crimes that occur on campus that, in the judgment of the Chief of the Xavier University Police Department or a designee, constitutes a serious or continuing threat to the University community.  Timely Warnings could include incidents of arson, aggravated assault, criminal homicide, robbery, burglary and sexual offenses.  Timely Warnings are designed to keep the Xavier community informed and represent the commitment of Xavier University to promote a safe educational and work environment. As a result of the study, we determined we needed to amend the Timely Warning process to attempt to reach the appropriate members of the Xavier community.  Timely Warnings will now be emailed to all @xavier.edu accounts.

    You can review your current XU Alert Me profile and make changes to your contact information and notification preferences at http://www.xavier.edu/audit-risk/Sign-Up.cfm.

    In addition to these required communications, the University may periodically issue Public Safety Notices (PSNs) for safety-related issues that do not rise to the level of Immediate Notifications or Timely Warnings. PSNs are posted on the Xavier Safety website. Notifications of PSNs will also be posted on Twitter via the @Xavier_Safety account.

    Thank you for your attention to this important information. If you have questions or want to learn more, about Xavier‘s Clery Compliance, please visit www.xavier.edu/clery or contact me at grossmank@xavier.edu


    Ken Grossman
    Clery Compliance and Safety Office
    Xavier University Police

  • Poetry Reading by Sarah Rose Nordgr. . . - 1 day ago | 163 views

    Poetry Reading by Sarah Rose Nordgren & Michael Henson

    Posted: 10/28/14 9:30 PM

    The Xavier English Department's Ryan Writers Series presents a poetry reading by Sarah Rose Nordgren and Michael Henson on Tuesday, November 4th, 7:30 PM, Logan Hall Room 100. The event is free and open to the public.

    Sarah Rose Nordgren is the author of Best Bones, winner of the 2013 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize, published by the University of Pittsburgh Press. She currently teaches in the Xavier English Department. More on Sarah Rose can be found at http://sarahrosenordgren.com/

    Michael Henson, novelist and poet (and Xavier graduate), is the author of numerous books, including the novel Ransack, the short story collection A Small Room With Trouble on My Mind, and poetry collections Crow Call, The Tao of Longing, and The True Story of the Resurrection.

    For more information: http://sarahrosenordgren.com/

  • Heartfelt thanks to the Xavier fami. . . - 1 day ago | 240 views

    Heartfelt thanks to the Xavier family

    Posted: 10/28/14 12:54 PM

    Thank you to the Xavier family so much for all the very kind and thoughtful cards, emails and prayers I have received on the passing of my Dad and my recent accident, it meant so much to me.  I hope to be back at work soon and do miss everyone.

  • Meet Law School Admissions Officers. . . - 1 day ago | 293 views

    Meet Law School Admissions Officers with the Pre Law Society

    Posted: 10/28/14 12:03 PM

    TOMORROW the Pre Law Society will hosting a panel of law school admissions officers! Stop by Smith 308 to get inside information on the admissions process, what they look for in a candidate and much more!


    As always pizza and drinks will be provided!

    When: TOMORROW, Wednesday October 29th 
    Time: 4:30-6PM
    Where: Smith 308 

  • 100 Year Anniversary: Martha, the L. . . - 1 day ago | 313 views

    100 Year Anniversary: Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon

    Posted: 10/28/14 11:08 AM

    Exactly 100 years ago, the last known passenger pigeon, Martha, died at the cincinnati Zoo.  Martha's death became a galvanizing moment in the history of the modern conservation movement.

    Please joins us for a discussion of this important event in the history of Cincinnati and the nation.  The panel of speakers will include Thayne Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo.

    The event will take place Wednesday, October 29, 7pm, in the James and Caroline Duff Banquet Center in Cintas.  It is free and open to the public, RSVP not required.

    For complete information, including sponsrs and Passenger Pigeon graphic, please see-


    For more information: http://www.xavier.edu/history/pigeon


  • Thank you!! - 1 day ago | 181 views

    Posted: 10/28/14 10:33 AM

    I am so deeply touched by all the kind words, prayers, emails, cards, and flowers that I have received. Your kindness and concern has meant so very much and will always be remembered.  Thank you!  Annie Jackson

  • A Fun & Free Morning of Music for Y. . . - 1 day ago | 92 views

    A Fun & Free Morning of Music for Your Child!

    Posted: 10/28/14 10:24 AM

    Dear Xavier University Faculty and Staff Members,

    The Xavier University Chapter of the National Association for Music Education is holding a special event for your children – a day of music called, “Let’s Play!” on Saturday, November 22nd, from 10:00 AM to noon, Xavier University Music Education students will be leading fun musical activities for children in grades K-6 on Xavier’s campus in Edgecliff Hall. “Let’s Play!” is a free event that is designed to give Xavier students the opportunity to teach music and engage with children, as well as provide a fun and educational morning of music for them.

    Here is the link to the online registration form to be completed by November 10, 2014:


    Any questions or concerns should be sent to the program coordinator, Lauren Holt (holtl2@xavier.edu). We look forward to hearing from you and spending a morning of music with your kids! See PDF for schedule. 

    Thank you!


    1-Let's Play! 2014 PDF.pdf

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