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Posted: 4/26/17 4:52 PM

Nature Art Camp -- July 24-28, 2017

Building and Construction Camp --July 31-August 4, 2017

Outer Speace Camp -- August 7-11, 2017

Cost per Camp:  $150/week

Hours: 9am-12 noon (Monday-Friday)

Camps held at Joseph Hall (1024 Dana Avenue)

Please contact Robyn White with questions at whiter9@xavier.edu

Refer to FLIER to register.



Posted: 4/26/17 2:26 PM

The Center for International Education, in collaboration with the Deans of CAS, CPS and WCB, is seeking applications for a Faculty Associate to serve during the 2017-18 Academic year. This position will work collaboratively with the Executive Director for International Education to determine best practices for developing international institutional partnerships and for Xavier-run programs in order to advance international education priorities at Xavier. For more details, please see the attached call for applications. The application is due Monday May 15.

1-2017-18 Call for Applications_CIE Faculty Associate.pdf

Posted: 4/26/17 1:04 PM

Housing opportunity for women near campus in Norwood. Furnished bedroom with shared kitchen and bath. All utilities plus WiFi included. Available now. Please call Jane at 513-446-7562.

Posted: 4/26/17 10:41 AM

Please see Fr. Graham's invitation to all faculty and staff to join him in celebrating with and praying for our graduating seniors in Xavier's annual Baccalaureate Mass.

1-April 26 Bacc Mass Invitation PDF.pdf

Posted: 4/25/17 3:52 PM

The 2017-2018 Winter-Cohen Family/Brueggeman Fellows have been chosen.

The students will engage in a year of independent research followed by an immersion/research trip. They will also participate in an interdisciplinary learning community at the Center for the entire academic year. The Fellows are a diverse group, representing all three colleges at Xavier.

The new Brueggeman Fellows are:

Elijah Bedel, Class of 2018, Digital Innovation, Film and Television Major

The Scots-Irish Heritage of Appalachian Old-Time Music, Immersion/Research Trip: Scotland, Ireland

Benmun Damul, Class of 2019, Psychology Major

Social Entrepreneurship, Immersion/Research Trip: Nigeria

Heather Hotlosz, Graduate, MBA/Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship and Values Based Leadership

The Growth and Impact of Entrepreneurship in Cuba, Immersion/Research Trip: Cuba

Shelby Lauter, Class of 2018, PPP/Philosophy, Politics and the Public Major

Paris Climate Agreement: Are We Doing Enough For Our Environment?, Immersion/Research Trip: Belgium, Luxembourg

Shazia Malik, Class of 2019, Life Sciences for Business Major

Access to Emergency Health Care, Immersion/ResearchTrip: Great Britain, Switzerland

Amber Minefee, Class of 2019, Psychology Major

Creating Opportunity by Globalizing Psychological Care, Immersion/Research Trip: Turkey, Uganda

Leo Peyronnin, Class of 2019, PPP/Philosophy, Politics and the Public Major

Past, Present, Future: Cities, Capitalism, and Sustainability, Immersion/Research Trip: Spain

Thomas Rooney, Graduate, MBA/Finance

Effects of Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure Utilization, Immersion/Research Trip: Costa Rica, Chile


International Graduation Coffee Hour 4/26/2017 - Celebrate - Show Up - Honor

Posted: 4/25/17 2:56 PM

Don’t miss the traditional Graduation Reception Coffee Hour, tomorrow Wednesday, April 26th from 3:30-5:00pm in the Arrupe Overlook of the GSC. We hope you will be there to help us celebrate the 39 international students who we will be bidding farewell to!

We will be presenting a certificate of award to international students who are graduating or completing their studies at Xavier this semester.  This includes exchange students, English language students, and students who are completing degrees.


Posted: 4/25/17 1:08 PM

Consider becoming a Goa instructor.  CORE 101 and CORE 102 meet weekly for 1 hour 15 minutes sessions for the first 6 weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters.  Instructors have said that the total time commitment is approximately 4-5 hours/week with preparation and grading.  All lesson plans and PowerPoints for the courses are created and provided for you. You will be provided with a stipend for your time. For exempt staff, the stipend is $800 for the year ($400 each semester). For non-exempt staff, pay is $11/hour ($16.50/hour overtime rate).  Training dates will be offered during the last week of July and first week of August.  New for the 2017-18 year, we will have 1-2 peer mentors assigned to each Goa course, and they will attend the class and share their advice and experiences with the first year students.  An informational website has been created at http://www.xavier.edu/core/be-an-instructor.cfm.  Applications are available at http://www.xavier.edu/core/Goa-Instructor-Application.cfm and are due Friday, April 28.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Stephanie Daniels at danielss3@xavier.edu or 513-745-3214 or Sarah Brinker-Good at brinkergoods@xavier.edu or 513-745-4335.

Posted: 4/25/17 11:01 AM

The Mission Animators (a group charged by Fr Graham to animate more deeply the University’s Jesuit identity) invites faculty, staff, students, and administrators to submit proposals, by May 15, for seed grants to fund projects focused on Economic Justice.  The goal is to support a variety of activities that are imaginative and engage broadly with the Xavier community during the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Posted: 4/25/17 9:52 AM

Join this presentation as students share their experiences with the great Xavier community about thier time and studies in a study abroad program in Peru. Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 5:30pm - 6:45pm, Hailstones 2

Posted: 4/25/17 9:20 AM

Join your Xavier Family for this presentation! Eight students who studied in Nicaragua this semester will be presenting about the relationships and bonds they cultivated with the people of Nicaragua. This presentation of learning will take place Thursday, April 27th from 4:30-6:00 in the Conaton Board Room in Schmidt Hall. 

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