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Xavier Employee Reporting Responsibilities

Most Xavier employees and designated student leaders are considered "Responsible Employees" under Title IX. This means they must report any knowledge of

 impacting students, faculty, staff or visitors to the Title IX Office. This purpose of this policy is to:

  • Promote Xavier's ability to address and support student, employee, and visitor safety;
  • Ensure students, employees, and visitors experiencing sex discrimination know their rights and options under Xavier's policies; and
  • Promote students, employees, and visitors having access to all available resources.

Learn more about what being a Responsible Employee means and best practices for sharing this responsibility proactively with students, employees, and visitors through this brief, informative video from the Clery Center for Security on Campus and Victim Rights law Center.

There are many confidential resources that do NOT have this Title IX Office reporting duty, including:

  • Women Helping Women (community advocacy and support provider serving individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations)
  • Private mental health professionals