Interprofessional Teaming

Planning Committee

The planning committee was established in 2008. The current planning committee members and their respective departments are as follows:

  • Eddie Hooker, Chair, Health Services Administration
  • Emile Burdette, Nursing
  • Leah Dunn, Occupational Therapy
  • Jaylene Schaefer, Social Work
  • Ashley Varol, Exercise Science
  • Renee Zucchero, Psychology

The committee would like to acknowledge contributions from prior planning team members:

  • Susie Allen, Nursing
  • Candace (Kandi) Fischer, Nursing
  • Barbara Harland, Nursing
  • Susan Namei, Nursing
  • Maggie King, Nursing
  • Brenda Wiles, Nursing
  • Debra Van Kuiken, Nursing
  • Butch Losey, Counseling
  • Bill O'Connelly Counseling
  • Michelle Hall, Counseling
  • Carol Scheerer, Occupational Therapy
  • Valerie Hill, Occupational Therapy
  • Joan Tunningley, Occupational Therapy
  • Shelagh Larkin, Social Work 
  • Victor Ronis-Tobin, Center for Population Health