Take It On

Political division and polarization has become more intense both on a national level and in our local communities. We often avoid and demonize those who disagree with us.

At Xavier, we believe we can and must do better. We model how to live out a thriving democracy: We seek out difference with the aim of listening, respecting, and being open to learning from each other. We explore common ground when discussing controversial topics so that our students may learn to engage in difficult dialogue with others in a civil, productive manner. We promote robust, peaceful engagement with politics. While we welcome a variety of opinions, we hold certain values to be central to this project:

  • Name the problem: We are concerned about the divisive and polarizing political and societal challenges that we face.
  • Leverage our Jesuit Catholic heritage: We draw on the gifts and values of our Jesuit Catholic heritage, including the dignity of the human person and value of the liberal arts education.students-talking-small.jpg
  • Build on our resources: We draw on and expand the resources of our faculty, staff, administrators and students, University policies and community partners.
  • Act with humility and courage: We know we will make mistakes but are convinced that we must speak and act on our convictions while listening to, showing respect for, and being open to learning from others.
  • Keep our community at the center: Our students are at the center of this project; in order to support our and educate our students, faculty and staff need to be fully invested as well. This project is about our community, including the need to belong and be included, to engage with ideas that challenge, to grow in our capacity to articulate our own positions and values.


We invite you to get involved. Our goal is to build the campus capacity to face divisive challenges. We began in early 2020 with identifying and scheduling speakers on topics that challenge us and create opportunities for growth for all of us. We also curated and created resources and training to support better dialogue.

The need for proactive engagement across difference and divide only became sharper over the course of 2020, as our country and our campus took further needed steps to dismantle structural anti-Black racism, as we continued to live with COVID-19, and as we underwent an election season that sought to divide us and demonize each other. 

With so much at stake, and so many pressing issues on all of us, we focused on two goals in Fall 2020:

The Xavier Way for Dialogue: A Shared Vision to Strengthen our Community, developed in conversation with faculty and staff across the University, offers ten norms as shared commitments for deepening and broadening the bonds of our campus community. This document was developed in early 2020 by Marcus Mescher, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics (Theology), in consultation with the faculty, staff and students on the Take It On 2020 Council, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, Mission and Identity, the Ethics/Religion and Society program, the Staff Advisory Committee, the Center for Faith and Justice, Residence Life and the College of Arts and Sciences Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

The challenge is great. The time is now. We're ready to Take It On.