Stephen S. Smith Center

Smith Fellows Program

The Smith Center offers two distinct opportunities for students to be considered for: the Smith Scholars Honors Program and the Smith Fellows Program. The two programs differ in their classroom experience but offer many of the same benefits and opportunities. The Smith Fellows Program is technically not in the academic honors program, but Smith Fellows are invited to join in the special engagement activities sponsored by the Smith Center.  That would include guest speakers, workshops and networking. 

Below is a breakdown of the programs and which amenities are offered to both programs and where they differ. 


Program Features

Smith Fellows

Smith Scholars

Funding available to students interested in pursuing senior thesis/research project

Networking and professional development opportunities with Cincinnati business leaders (Kroger, Proctor & Gamble, GE, Fifth Third Bank, Cintas, etc.)

Internship opportunities throughout the United States and abroad

Opportunity to manage WCB’s International Bond Fund

Open to students with minor/major in the Williams College of Business (no minor in Political Economy)

Williams College of Business Majors also receive a minor in Political Economy

Subsidized Travel Opportunities to U.S. Financial Centers including New York and Washington, D.C.

International study abroad grant included with Political Economy Minor

Best for students with interest in philosophy, history, and economics 

Best for students with interest in philosophy, history, and economics


Smith Scholars Honors Distinction on Bachelor's Degree

Priority registration after 1st semester

Priority first-year housing in Buenger Hall

 For more information about the Smith Fellows Program, please visit our Web Page here