School of Psychology

Dr. Kyle Stephenson

Associate Professor, School of Psychology

Dr. Stephenson is an associate professor of psychology at Xavier University and director of the Sexuality and Relationships Lab. He earned his BS from Santa Clara University and his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin. His research addresses multiple questions about intimate relationships. For example, how do we define sexual well-being and how can scientists accurately measure it? How and why do sexual experiences impact our relationships and overall quality of life? How can psychologists most effectively treat sexual difficulties, relational distress, and anxiety (especially given that they often occur simultaneously), and assure that effective interventions are available to underserved populations?

Kyle also maintains a small private practice where he specializes in couples and individual therapy for relational distress, anxiety disorders, and sexual dysfunction using empirically-supported cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions.


PSYC 622 Advanced Research Design & Analysis

PSYC 629 Intervention Techniques: Behavior Therapy Psychology


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