School of Psychology

Dr. Karl William Stukenberg

Professor, School of Psychology

Karl Stukenberg, Ph.D., ABPP, has been a faculty member at Xavier for over 25 years. His undergraduate education was at St. John’s College – the Great Books school in Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was trained as a Clinical Psychologist at The Ohio State University, with an Internship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His three years of post-doctoral training were in psychological assessment and treatment in tertiary care settings at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. Once at Xavier, he trained to become a psychoanalyst at the Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute.

Dr. Stukenberg continues to have an interest in psychological assessment, having published on the MMPI and having taught graduate courses in intellectual assessment, personality assessment with “objective” instruments and also with the Rorschach, and integrative personality assessment. He has also taught intervention courses, and is currently teaching the graduate course in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Dr. Stukenberg has taught General Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Senior Comprehensive Review, and History and Systems of Psychology at the undergraduate level.  He has also served the University as the Director of Psychological Services and as the Chair of the School of Psychology.

Dr. Stukenberg enjoys teaching and learning from his students. He has an active lab focused on understanding how it is that psychotherapy actually works based on listening to and rating tapes of psychoanalyses. 

Dr. Stukenberg is excited by the development of our students as they learn to think critically, listen empathically, and grow psychologically during their engagement at Xavier – as they live their lives here and prepare for the future.

Representative Publications

Waldron, S., Gazzillo, F., & Stukenberg, K.W. (2018).  Advancing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy through Research.  Chapter 7 in Axelrod, S., Naso, R., & Rosenberg, L. (Eds.) Progress in Psychoanalysis: Envisioning the Future of the Profession.  Routledge: NY, NY  151-180.

Gazzillo, F., Waldron, S., Gorman, B., Stukenberg, K.W., Genova, F., Ristucci, C., Angeloni, F, Mellone, V., and Faccini, F. (2018).  The components of psychoanalyses: Factor analysis of process measures of 27 fully recorded psychoanalyses.  Psychoanalytic Psychology, 35(2), 184-195.

Stukenberg, K.W. (In Press).  Clinical Applications of Psychodynamic Theories of Personality.  In Mio, J. (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Personality.  Wiley and Sons.

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Psychological Assessment, Psychoanalysis

Professional Interests

Psychological Testing (MMPI and Rorschach), Psychotherapy Process and Outcome, and Group Psychotherapy

First Year at Xavier



  • Ph.D. (Ohio State University)