Philosophy, Politics, and the Public Honors Program

Applying to PPP

Admission to the Philosophy, Politics and the Public Honors Program is competitive. 

It requires completion of an application to the program, including an application essay. Students who show promise and demonstrate a passion for the study of the public and participation in public life are particularly encouraged to apply. While students typically rank in the top 15 percent of their high school class, this is not strict requirements for admission.

The Program Director may request an interview following the submission of an application.

Students can apply to the PPP program through the Xavier Admissions site.

Please feel free to contact the program's director, Prof. Brownlee, with any questions.

PPP students are eligible for all scholarship awards available from Xavier University. In addition, the University Scholars program is able to offer some supplementary scholarship assistance to qualified students.

Apply to the Philosophy, Politics and the Public Honors Program