Xavier Police

Ofc. Tony Dinh

Xavier University Police Department

Ofc. Dinh was sworn in at XUPD on May of 2023. He obtained his state certification from the Butler Tech police academy in 2022 and earned the Top Academic award in his graduating class. Ofc. Dinh previously served with the City of Hamilton as a Police Officer before joining XUPD. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 2018 and participated in the N.J.R.O.T.C program. Ofc. Dinh completed his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with Cum Laude status at Miami University.

Ofc. Dinh is eager to work along side with the Xavier community in order to create a safe environment. Ofc. Dinh’s hobbies include running, hiking, exercising, video games, and catching up with friends and family.