Montessori Lab School

Our Students

Children entering the Lab School are three years of age by September 30. Our Early Childhood class practices multi-age grouping for children between three and six years of age. Children enter the program at three years of age and remain for a three-year cycle. The Lower Elementary class ranges from six to nine years of age,  Upper Elementary class ranges from nine to twelve years of age and Middle School class ranges from twelve to fourteen years of age.

Our work with children centers on the following principles:

  • To respect the child and his/her developing potentials. This leads to development of a positive self-concept, independence, respect, and sense of community.
  • To assist in the holistic development of the child (physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally) through free movement, exploration, discovery, and directed activities in a prepared environment.
  • To provide a sequenced, individualized learning environment so that the child can actively participate in his/her own education. This is accomplished with self-teaching apparatus and a teaching staff who observes each child and provides guidance and support.