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Pope Francis Presentation 2016

The 3rd Annual Presentation on
Pope Francis
Honoring the 3rd anniversary of his election

The 'Culture of Encounter' at Xavier

In today's busy world we have the "challenge of finding and sharing a 'mystique' of living together, of mingling and encounter, of embracing and supporting one another..." Pope Francis

Pope Francis, elected on March 13, 2013, is a compassionate leader of the Roman Catholic Church. In a relatively short time, he has also become an esteemed global spiritual leader because of his emphasis on a number of universal values in support of- and in solidarity with- all persons and peoples. His signature phrase is "culture of encounter." For him, this is an invitation to connect intentionally with people in friendship and dialogue with those that we might not otherwise, to Be with people who are different from ourselves.

Tuesday, March 15,
Justice Hall Conference Room

With comments on:
Jesuit Higher Education in a Global Context Dr. Elaine Crable (MIS) Director of International Business

Global Education at Xavier Dr. Thilini Ariyachandra (MIS) Assoc. Director, Center for International Business

Seeking Integration and Wisdom Dr. Victoria Zascavage (Educ) Task Force Member




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