Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

Summer Research Opportunities (REUs)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) offer students a chance to do research in mathematics at many sites around the U.S.  The summer programs include room and board and a stipend.  For students considering graduate school, an REU is almost a must.  Applications can begin as early as Fall and can go all the way to May.  Application deadlines generally peak late February to early April.

See the list of Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences majors and minors 2020 summer experiences in research, internships, REUs, STEM camp, and more!

REU Programs

Internships & Co-Ops

  • The American Mathematical Society   Internships & Co-Op Opportunities  ( Note: Deadlines for summer programs usually occur during the previous Fall or Winter)
  • The American Statistical Association   Internships
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory   Student Internships
  • Xavier University Noyce Summer Internship Program (See below)


Amy Kucera, Amanda Cusimano, and Zach Lippe are having fun while doing summer research with Dr. Nastase.

Four students smiling in front of a white board with writing on it


Noyce Summer Internship

The Noyce Summer Internship Application is open to all first and second year   STEM   students  to apply.  You do not need experience teaching, nor do you need to be interested in teaching as a career.  A heart for service and your subject is all you need!  For more information and to apply please visit:   Xavier University Noyce Summer Internship Program   

First and second year   students  with a passion for service are strongly encouraged to apply. The first week of the program will include a   STEM-teaching boot camp.  Students  will live on the Xavier University campus, receiving room and board (including $750 food stipend) as well as a $400/week stipend. During the internship,   students  will keep journals and meet with mentors to reflect upon their experiences. Faculty and staff from the   STEM  departments, Education Department and Community Building Institute will work with   students  to expand their knowledge and interest in teaching inner-city/at-risk   students.