Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

Faculty Research

  • Dr. Eric Bucher - Algebra, combinatorics, and topology. More specifically I study cluster algebras and representation theory
  • Dr. Max Buot - Statistics (data confidentiality and secure multi-party computation; order restricted inference; resampling; regularization; sports analytics; R), Probability (stochastic processes; financial mathematics; paradoxes), Optimization
  • Dr. Minerva Catral - Linear Algebra and Matrix theory (Nonnegative matrices and generalizations, combinatorial matrix analysis, generalized inverses, finite Markov chains), Analytic number theory (Zeckendorf decompositions)
  • Dr. Carla Gerberry - Mathematics Education, pre-service teacher education and sense making in mathematics content courses; STEM fields and attitudes and beliefs of mathematics pre- and in-service teachers
  • Dr. David Gerberry - Mathematical modeling, Mathematical biology, Mathematical epidemiology (using mathematics to study the spread of infectious diseases through populations), Numerical analysis
  • Dr. Hem Raj Joshi - Optimal control, Application of mathematics to real world problems, BioMath, and Disease modeling
  • Dr. Ryan Miller - Statistics, Data Science, High-dimensional Data Analysis, Statistical Applications in Driving Research
  • Dr. Dena Morton - Combinatorial Game Theory, Algebraic Topology (homotopy theory)
  • Dr. Esmeralda Nastase - Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Combinatorics
  • Dr. Daniel Otero - History of Mathematics (and esp. its use in teaching), Number Theory (Waring's Problem, applications in cryptography), Geometry (and the foundations of mathematics)
  • Dr. Bernd Rossa - Analysis, BioMathematics, Teaching
  • Dr. Grigory Sokolov - composite change--point detection, adaptive sequential tests, Numerical Analysis