TESOL Endorsement State Application Instructions

The following items are required at Xavier University to apply for State of Ohio, TESOL Endorsement. If you
did not complete your TESOL Endorsement Program through Xavier University, stop and contact the
university where you completed your TESOL Endorsement Program.

You MUST hold a current, valid Ohio teaching license.

XAVIER UNIVERSITY'S IRN# 064030 (You will need this # for the Signature section when searching for the Organization.)



To apply online: You must use a Visa or MasterCard for payment ($20.00).
Apply for license at:


Log into your SAFE Account
Click on ODE CORE
Click on My Educator Profile
At the top, hover for drop down under My Educator Profile and click on My Credential
Select the 4/5 year license you want to add the new credential
Click on the drop down menu and select Add Area
Click on Apply
Follow these instructions:
Answer all questions completely and honestly
Check appropriate Credential Type and Field(s)
Indicate license to begin effective date

Other Requirements

  • *Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) TESOL test #021 is required for the TESOL Endorsement. For additional information please visit http://www.oh.nesinc.com. Your official test scores should be sent to Xavier University and the Ohio Department of Education.

*Xavier University coursework requirements. Please see your academic advisor or department chair with any questions about completing all program requirements.

*Graduate students must send all previous official transcript(s) to (if finalized official transcripts were not
previously submitted):

Xavier University
Graduate Services Office
100 Hailstones Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45207-3211.
Telephone (513) 745-3360

*Check on bursar holds. If you have a bursar hold the Registrar's Office will not release your official transcript
needed to review and process licensure.

*Questions may be directed to xulicense@xavier.edu or (513) 745-3521.