Master of Education in Elementary Education

You're already doing quality work in your classroom. An MEd in Elementary Education can help you do even better by providing a strengthened foundation in professional knowledge, experience combining the latest theories and practice, and opportunities for curriculum development and application. At Xavier, we offer small classes with a personalized experience to help teachers take the next step and provide the network to help you connect with the Cincinnati education community.


of Xavier's teaching licensure students pass their state exams.

Elementary Education


30 credit hours are required for the master's degree consisting of 9 hours in core courses plus 21 hours of electives.


Choose elective courses from elementary, Montessori, multicultural children's literature, reading and English language learners.


Early Childhood or Middle Childhood Education Licensure involves additional coursework and can be pursued separately or at the same time as the MEd.

Elementary Education Program Design

  • The MEd in Elementary Education is appropriate for teachers of elementary and middle childhood classrooms from preschool through grade 9.
  • The developmental approach of the program is grounded in current and long-standing research findings.
  • Working relationships with professional practice schools provide continuing input from practicing elementary teachers and administrators.

9 hours of core courses include:

  • History and Philosophy of Education (3)
  • Organization of Educational Systems in the U.S. (3)
  • Educational Research (2)
  • Educational Research Paper(1)

Core education courses are offered at five Cincinnati area locations, making it even easier for students to take courses. The locations include:

  • Covington Catholic High School in Northern Kentucky.
  • Middletown Fenwick High School north of Xavier.
  • Wilmington High School, northeast of Xavier.
  • Oak Hills High School west of Xavier.
  • Amelia Middle School east of Xavier.
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